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Grandeur - 3ML

Sale price€10,00

Grandeur unveils with a symphony of fresh and uplifting notes, gracefully transitioning into an aromatic and smoky heart. The odyssey of Grandeur culminates in an endless cascade of deep woody accords, enveloping the senses in an exquisite tapestry of olfactory opulence.

Olfactory Family

Woody Aromatic

Tailored for

Unisex / Genderless

Handmade with care and precision, Atelier Charisma creations are assembled one by one, guaranteeing limited releases.

Grandeur - 3ML
Grandeur - 3ML Sale price€10,00

Olfactory note breakdown


Bergamot, Vetiver


Styrax, Kamfer, Clove, Guaiac wood, Opoponax


Patchouli, Oud

Be Inspired

"Grandeur by Atelier Charisma envelops you in a whirlwind of emotions, transporting you to an ancient, untouched forest at twilight. Each breath reveals layers of mystery and allure, awakening a deep connection to the earth’s raw beauty. It’s an olfactory journey of discovery, where passion, serenity, and a touch of the unknown merge into a profound sensory experience"

- Luminescent, Parfum reviewer/ Expert

"Grandeur reminds me of a forest. Not the kind of forest you would find in a fairy tale, but in a realistic and mysterious way. With striking notes of vetiver and oud, a creative and modern fragrance has been created"

- Olfactive Journey, Parfum reviewer / Expert

Personally, I have always been attracted to olfactory creations like Grandeur, but this one is even more intriguing and sinuous. Imagine that path through the forest on a dark night guided by the light of the moon, wooden branches that give off all their powerful and lively scent. The smell of an earthy and green patchouli, delicious and irresistible. Night and darkness give life to vetiver and a mysterious clove joins the olfactory path, to make way for an Oud, which is neither Animalic nor fecal but tremendously mysterious and opulent.

- Miguel Caballero, Parfum reviewer/ Expert